Tips for Replacing Your Home's Roof

A roof replacement is among the most important and complicated maintenance tasks that a homeowner can have done to their property. Unfortunately, it can be possible to make some fairly simple oversights that may greatly complicate this process. If this is a task that you are considering having done to your home, you will want to ensure that you understand and follow these roof-replacement tips. Discuss the Roof Replacement with Your Homeowner's Insurance Company

2 Signs That You Need to Contact a Roofing Contractor to Repair or Replace Your Roof

It is very important that your roof is kept in good condition because this is one of the main sources of protection for your home. However, if and when a problem does arise, it is crucial that you call a roofing contractor to come and take care of the problem as soon as you can. This article will discuss two signs that you need to contact a roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof.

Learn What To Expect When A Portion Of Your Roof Starts To Sag

Over time, areas in your roof can become weak and will need to be repaired or replaced. If you start to see a sag in your roof, it is important to call a roofer right away. The guide below walks you through the steps the roofer will take to ensure that you live under the safest roof possible. Evaluate the Situation The first thing that the roofer will do is evaluate the situation.

Making Repairs To A Built-Up Roof

A built-up roof, or BUR, is made from alternating layers of asphalt and tar paper. When workers place one layer of paper on top of what is already there, they place the seams of the top layer in the middle of the tar paper from the row below. This way, if there is a leak at the seam in the top layer it won't be able to leak through the layer below—at least not right away.

4 Signs You Need To Be Concerned About Future Leaks On Your Roof

By paying close attention to the condition of your roof, you may be able to tell in advance if your roof is prone to developing leaks in the future. Here are five signs that your roof will give you in advance that a leak is in your future if you don't address the issue at hand.  #1 Missing Shingles You don't have to have any shingles missing from your roof. Even having one or two shingles blow away during a storm leaves your roof more exposed and vulnerable.