Best and Worst Roofing Materials for a Queen Anne Bungalow

Queen Anne bungalows combine the ornamentation and asymmetry of a classic Victorian house with the smaller layout of a bungalow. The homes feature offset decorative windows, a roofed porch, dormers, and potentially wooden ornamental accents along the eaves. The home is topped with a gable roof that has a modified, mid-slope design. If you need roofing replacement on your Queen Anne bungalow, there are a couple of key materials to keep in mind or rule out entirely.

3 Reasons To Consider Copper For An Environmentally Friendly Roof

Environmentally-friendly building options are becoming increasingly more important to home builders and home buyers, which makes sense when you consider the many ways in which they can benefit the environment and the homeowner. Listed below are three reasons to consider copper as an environmentally-friendly option for your home's roof. Longevity One of the single biggest reasons to use copper if you want your home to be environmentally friendly is its longevity.

Thunderstorms Are Rolling In! Prepare Your Home For Storm Season

In most regions, summer means lots of sunshine and warm days -- but it also means thunderstorms. Bringing high winds, heavy rain, and sometimes even hail, thunderstorms can cause damage to your home if you're not well prepared. Here are four ways to prepare your home and minimize your risk of damage during storms. Secure loose shingles. Shingles that are a little loose can quickly blow off completely when a storm rolls in, and then you'll have water damage.

Your Eco-Friendly Roof: Options You Can Choose From

If you want to have a more economically friendly home, why not start with your roof? There are many roofing materials that are either recycled (or recyclable) or used in a whole new fashion that can give you the beautiful cover for your home you need while attaining the earth-friendly results you desire. Here are some options you can choose from to discuss with your roofer to make your home more 'green'.

How To Determine If Your Commercial Roof Needs To Be Repaired Or Re-Covered

If your commercial roof is not in the best looking shape, you should have a commercial roofing company come out and inspect your roof. Use their assessment to help you determine if you should repair or re-cover your roof. Repairing Your Roof Generally, if the repair is minor enough, all you need to do is repair it, and you don't need to recover or replace your roof at all. Here are a few signs that it is a good idea to just repair your roof.