5 Advantages Of Foam Roofing For Homes And Business

In today's economy, every property owner wants the most bang for their buck when installing a roofing system. Because of that, there is increasing popularity for cost-effective foam roofing system installations

Foam roofing provides an excellent option for your flat roof. You can use it on the entire roof in a new building or install it on top of an existing roof to strengthen it. Keep reading to learn five more advantages of installing a foam roof system for a new or renovation project.

1. It's Easy to Install

Foam roofs involve little to no tear and are spray-applied one coat at a time, requiring less labor and material than other roofing systems. The foam is also self-adhering and will conform to your building's shape, making installation a breeze, especially on properties with complicated shapes or sharp corners.

2. It Provides Tight Water-proof Seal

Unlike other roofing materials, a foam roof will expand and settle after application, filling the tiniest crevices and hard-to-reach corners where leaks are common.

The result is a roof that fuses around every roof penetration, leaving no room in the seams and joints. With such installation, you will not worry about water leaks.

3. It Has Excellent Insulation Qualities 

Typically, a poorly insulated roof leads to high energy bills. That said, you want a roofing system that will safeguard your home against the cold while keeping your energy bills under control. That's where a foam roofing installation comes in.

A foam roofing system will fill all spaces between roof joists, rafters, and rims, creating an insulating barrier between the building and the outside weather. It also comes with a reflective coating that will reflect sun rays, maintaining cool indoor temperatures during the hot summer months.

4. It Offers Great Versatility 

A quality and well-installed roof adds to the curb appeal of a building. You can customize your foam roof to mimic various styles and designs, depending on your desired needs. It provides an excellent fit for virtually any building.

5. It is Environmentally Friendly 

Another great advantage of a foam roofing system is the ability to be recoated. When your roof reaches the end of its lifespan, you will only need to recoat the outer layer, which means less disposal, reduced cost of roof replacement or repairs, and minimal waste in the landfills.

As you can see, a foam roofing system is significantly superior to other roofing systems and is suitable for commercial and residential properties. With qualified foam roofing system installation services, you will have a long-lasting roof for your property.