Have You Seen Your Roof Lately? 4 Events That Require A Roof Inspection

If you own your home, you want to make sure that you protect your investment, which includes caring for your roof. One way to care for your roof is to keep up on the inspections. If you're not scheduling inspections after major events, there may be roof damage that you don't know about. Here are four events that will require a roof inspection.

1. Hail Storms

When hail comes through the area, most people head out to check their cars and their windows for damage. Unfortunately, they often overlook the one area of the home that can suffer significant damage during a hail storm, and that's their roof. Hail can rip holes in the roofing material and damage the underlayment. If you've had a hail storm come through your area, you'll need to have your roof inspected for damage as soon as possible.

2. High Winds

High winds are another problem for roofs, especially if you already had some minor issues that needed to be taken care of. When winds start blowing, they can pick up the corners of your shingles and rip them right off your roof. High winds can do the same thing to tile and metal roofs, as well. The best way to protect your home is to have your roof inspected each time you experience high winds in your area. Those post-wind inspections will allow your roofing company to take care of damage before your roof is compromised during the next wind storm.

3. Heat Waves

Hot temperatures can wreak havoc on your roof, especially where asphalt shingles are concerned. Extreme heat can loosen the adhesion between the roofing cement and the shingles. Once that happens, the corners of your shingles will begin to curl. Unfortunately, those curled edges expose your roof to water damage. Not only that, but once the curling becomes too severe, the shingles will begin to fall off your roof. To prevent significant damage to your roof, you should check your shingles for curling at least once a week during the summer, and have your roof inspected after any significant heat wave. Curled or damaged shingles should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

4. Tree Pruning

If you're going to be having your trees pruned, be sure to watch for roof damage. Large branches can ruin your roof. If any of the branches come in contact with your roof during the pruning process, you should schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

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