Consequences Of Not Having A Properly Ventilated Attic

Many property owners do not understand the importance of having a properly ventilated attic. Perhaps you have not been concerned about your attic. Some people who rarely or never enter their attics assume that they do not have to be concerned with this area of their homes. Attics that do not have proper ventilation can impact roof health. There numerous things that can occur when attics are not properly ventilated. The following are a few consequences you could face if your attic is not ventilated.

Moisture and Overheating

Moisture can form in attics when there is not proper ventilation. The moisture is often caused by condensation. Attics are naturally hot areas in the summertime even if there is proper ventilation. The issue with not having proper ventilation is that overheating can occur. This can result in damaged roofing parts such as the trusses or roof deck. If the damages and ventilation are not addressed, severe roofing damages could occur. The might need to be replaced prematurely. Roofs can also collapse as a result of this type of neglect. Unfortunately, some people miss these signs of improper ventilation because they do not get roofing inspections, which often include inspecting attics. 

Damaged Insulation

Moisture in an attic can impact the existing insulation. Damaged insulation needs to be replaced to ensure energy efficiency. This could end making your energy bills higher than usual. You might also find it more difficult to cool or heat your home. Your family might find this uncomfortable. Damaged insulation can also be a breeding source for mold and mildew. Both of these substances can spread throughout an attic. 

Mold and Mildew

These two substances are attracted to moisture. Improperly ventilated attics retain moisture and can make these toxic substances thrive. The issue with having these substances in your attic is that they may not be detected promptly. As they spread throughout the attic, they can cause roofing damages. They are also considered toxic because they can make humans sick. 

A roofing company is a good resource to use to learn more about why your attic should be ventilated. They can also inspect your attic and determine a ventilation option if needed. There are mechanical and natural options to correct attic ventilation issues. The best option will depend on the structure of your home. Mechanical options require power to operate. Natural ventilation options include an exhaust that pulls moisture out by natural means.