3 Roof Maintenance Tips To Help Prevent Fall And Winter Damage To Roofs

The fall and winter months are times of the year when you may not think much about your roof. The weather conditions outside cause damage to roofing materials during these times of the year, which is why routine maintenance is needed to ensure your roof lasts. Here are some roof maintenance tips to help prevent damage to your roofing during the fall and winter months.

1. The Autumn Leaves Are Beautiful, But Not on Your Roof

The leaves are changing colors and soon will be falling to the ground, and on your roof. To keep the roof in good shape, make sure to remove fallen leaves from the roof as winter approaches. In addition, this is also a good time to cut back any branches that may have grown too close to your roof during the warmer spring and summer months. Trees can be a valuable addition to your property but need special attention when it comes to caring if they are near your roof.

2. Dirty Roofing Materials Are More Prone to Wear

Dirt and grime can build up on roofing materials over months or years since you have last cleaned the shingles. If you have never taken a garden hose to clean the grime off your roof, there is no better time like the present to get started and ensure your roof lasts. In addition, you may want to do a fungus treatment to prevent moss and lichen growth in areas with a lot of shade, such as where tree canopies cover the roof. Cleaning the roof and treating the materials for fungus growth is a great way to prevent common causes of wear and get more life out of asphalt shingles.

3. White Holidays Can Bring Heavy Snow And Structural Damage To Your Roof

There is also the holiday season coming soon, and it may bring winter weather too. During the holidays, it is nice to look out and see snow for a day. After the first day of snow, it is time to get out and start doing maintenance like clearing the driveway and sidewalk in front of your home. Snow loads on your roof can also cause damage to the roof structure, and you will want to remove any significant amount of snowfall to prevent wear and damage. In addition, you may want to do improvements like installing gutter guards that protect against ice dams and reinforcing roofing materials in areas where ice dams form.

These are some tips that will help prevent fall and winter weather wear of roofing materials. If you need help with major repairs, maintenance or replacement, contact a professional roofing contractor to try to get the work done before winter weather arrives.