Why Your Roof Can Form A Leak

The most common problem associated with a damaged roof are leaks. They can cause a ton of damage due to the water getting into your attic, and it will require repair from a professional roofing contractor to prevent it from getting worse. Here are some common reasons why you could have water leaking into your home.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles can become damaged from a bad storm that passes through town. The heavy rain and strong winds can cause shingles to break off, which will be one problem that is easy to identify without climbing up to the roof to get close to it.

Try looking from the ground with binoculars to see if the shingles are all there. However, be aware that valleys and peaks can make it hard to tell if there are damaged shingles in that area. When in doubt, have the area inspected to see if there is any damage to the surface of the roof.

Damaged Flashing

When replacing roofing material, the process involves installing flashing in places where water can get behind the roofing material. This flashing can become damaged over time or due to an improper installation. This problem is easy to identify, and is a clear place where water can be getting underneath the shingles. You'll need to have the flashing secured back to the roof to form a seal, or else the damage will continue to get worse.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a problem that happen during the winter months, and it is caused by improper insulation. The attic will have hot spots where there is not enough insulation below the roof. This allows snow to melt, flow down the roof, and freeze in a place that is well insulated. If the water is underneath shingles when it freezes, it can cause those shingles to rise off the surface of the roof and allow water to get under them.

While you can rake the snow off your roof to prevent the snow from melting, you are better off improving the insulation underneath the roof. Then repair those broken shingles and any damage that was caused to the roof deck, and you'll be good to go.

Gutter Clogs

Clogged gutters will cause water to rise in them, which can lead to water reaching the bottom of the roof deck in some situations. Water will become absorbed and cause the bottom part of the roof to rot. Thankfully, this is an easy problem to avoid by simply keeping your gutters clean.

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