4 Signs You Need To Be Concerned About Future Leaks On Your Roof

By paying close attention to the condition of your roof, you may be able to tell in advance if your roof is prone to developing leaks in the future. Here are five signs that your roof will give you in advance that a leak is in your future if you don't address the issue at hand. 

#1 Missing Shingles

You don't have to have any shingles missing from your roof. Even having one or two shingles blow away during a storm leaves your roof more exposed and vulnerable. If you have shingles fly off your roof, look to get them replaced as soon as possible to protect the under-layers of your roof. 

#2 Damaged Shingles

Shingles are made to last forever. Over time, the shingles on your roof may become damaged. Most often, the shingles on your roof may begin to curl upwards and buckle. This generally happens due to age.

Another thing that happens to shingles when they age is the texture on them rubs off and they look more smooth instead of bumpy. 

If either of these things happen, your shingles are on their last leg and need to be replaced before the integrity of your roof is compromised.

#3 Damaged Flashing

The flashing are special shingles that are found around your vents, pipes, skylights, and chimney spouts on your roof. These special shingles are one of the more easily damaged and thus vulnerable areas on a roof. If the flashing on your roof is damaged, water may be able to easily get around it and lead to the growth of mold and algae and future leaks. 

#4 Small Plants Growing On Your Roof

You should never have small plants growing on your roof if it is in good shape. A few small plants that like to take up residence on your roof may include fungus, algae, lichen, and mold. If you notice any of these small plants growing on your roof, that is a sign that their may be moisture underneath your shingles that those plants are feeding off of. A large growth of small plants on your roof means that the layer under your roof that protects your home from water getting in has been compromised and that you need to take action to fix it. 

Before you start to see water spots inside of your attic or home, your roof will give you warning signs that something is up. You job is to pay attention to the warning signs that your home gives you, and take steps to repair damage to your roof before it becomes more serious and you develop a serious leak. For assistance, talk to a professional like Dean Roofing Company.