3 Reasons To Consider Copper For An Environmentally Friendly Roof

Environmentally-friendly building options are becoming increasingly more important to home builders and home buyers, which makes sense when you consider the many ways in which they can benefit the environment and the homeowner. Listed below are three reasons to consider copper as an environmentally-friendly option for your home's roof.


One of the single biggest reasons to use copper if you want your home to be environmentally friendly is its longevity. Many of the cheaper roofing materials on the market will typically only last a small fraction of the lifespan that copper offers, which means that over the life of your house, you will likely have to replace your roof several times. This means more wasted materials that can take up space in the junkyard or garbage dump.

However, copper will not really contribute to that problem, as it will most likely be on your home much longer than you will be living in that house. This is because the average life of a copper roof is just under 100 years


Another reason that copper is ideal for use in an environmentally-friendly home is that the material is both highly sought after and recyclable. This means that even if your home should need a replacement roof in the future or if your home is torn down, the copper roofing tiles will not end up in a landfill but will instead be used on another structure or turned into some other copper components. 

The fact that copper is recyclable also means that you can potentially build your roof entirely out of recycled copper. This can not only save you money but also benefit the environment by reducing the demand for new copper, which can help cut down on mining and refining processes.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, a copper roof is a great option for an environmentally-friendly home, as it can help make your home very energy-efficient, particularly in the summer. The reason for this is that a copper roof helps to keep your home cooler by reflecting light away from your home. When sunlight is reflected away from your roof, the associated heat will not be absorbed into your roof and leak into your house. 

This will result in your entire home being a few degrees cooler all summer, which can help you utilize your air conditioning system less often. This has the added benefit of saving you money by lowering your power bill.

Contact a roofing contractor today in order to discuss how a copper roof can benefit both you and the environment. A roof made out of copper tiles is an environmentally friendly option due to it being long-lasting, recyclable, and energy-efficient.

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