Your Eco-Friendly Roof: Options You Can Choose From

If you want to have a more economically friendly home, why not start with your roof? There are many roofing materials that are either recycled (or recyclable) or used in a whole new fashion that can give you the beautiful cover for your home you need while attaining the earth-friendly results you desire. Here are some options you can choose from to discuss with your roofer to make your home more 'green'.

Metal roofing

Since metal roofing materials are fully recyclable, you can feel great about using this type of material to adorn the roof of your home. Not only is metal roofing recyclable, you can actually purchase sheets of metal that are partially or fully recycled already to help reduce your environmental impact when building. Ask your roofer about recycled metal roofing options, which can also come in a variety of pleasing colors such as brick red, brown, or black.

Cool roofing

Designed around white or very light gray asphalt shingles, this is a type of roofing that can help reduce energy costs in your home by naturally cooling your property from the attic down. Cool roofs reflect more of the sun's rays, drastically reducing the amount of heat that is brought into the home. This results in possible reduction of air conditioner use and a lower surface temperature of your roof, which can cause it to last longer over time.

Recycled content roofing

If you want the classic appeal of a wood shingle or cedar roof but you want to be environmentally sound, opt for roofing materials that are made from recycled content. These are shingles that are comprised of a variety of pressed materials, such as rubber or old wooden shingles. The result are beautiful wood pieces that can last for many years. You may have to special-order this type of roofing material from a green construction material provider, or talk to your roofer to see if they have connections to suppliers of this unique type of roofing material in your area. This type of roof is available in dark hues, such as black, dark brown, or even deep gray.

When you want to remain economically friendly but you need a new roof, you're in luck. There are many options to improve your roof and make a difference in the world at the same time. Whether you stick to classic metal or want to go with new recycled content, you can have a beautiful home that looks and feels amazing. For more information, contact companies like Darnell Construction.