How To Determine If Your Commercial Roof Needs To Be Repaired Or Re-Covered

If your commercial roof is not in the best looking shape, you should have a commercial roofing company come out and inspect your roof. Use their assessment to help you determine if you should repair or re-cover your roof.

Repairing Your Roof

Generally, if the repair is minor enough, all you need to do is repair it, and you don't need to recover or replace your roof at all. Here are a few signs that it is a good idea to just repair your roof.

Signs: There are a few different signs that it is a good idea to just make repairs on your roof. If your roof is in good condition overall, it is a good idea to just repair the roof. If your roof has good insulation, it is a good idea to just fix whatever is wrong. Or, if the membrane of your roof is in good shape and is not anywhere near reaching the end of its life, than it makes more sense to just perform a repair on your roof.

Benefits: One of the primary benefits of repairing your roof is that it will generally cost significantly less than either replacing or re-covering your roof. Additionally, if the rest of your roof is in good condition, repairing what is wrong with your roof should extend its useable life.

Re-covering Your Roof

Sometimes, it is a better idea to re-cover your roof instead of repairing it or replacing it. Here are the signs that this may be the way to go with your commercial roof.

Signs: If your roof has never been re-covered before, then re-covering your roof may be an option for you. If your roof has already been re-covered once, it may make more sense for you to replace your roof instead. Another situation in which it makes sense to re-cover your roof is when your roof has good, solid insulation in place, but the membrane of your commercial roof has reached the end of its life expectancy; you have a solid foundation so you don't need to replace everything--re-covering it will get the job done.

Benefits: One of the primary benefits of re-covering your roof is that it is generally a lot cheaper than fully replacing your roof because you will be able to reuse the insulation that is already in place. Next, recovering your roof is not as disruptive a process as a full tear-down and can be completed more quickly, allowing you to get back to work faster. If you have to work on your roof outside of the summer months, re-covering your roof will expose your roof to less of the weather elements than putting on a new roof. Finally, there are companies that actually offer extended warranties for re-covering a roof now, and not just for replacing it.

Use the guidance above, as well as the information provided by the commercial inspection of your roof, to determine what the safest and most financially sound decision is to get your commercial roof back in good working order. Contact a company like HomeTowne Roofing to learn more.