4 Maintenance Tasks That Will Need To Be Done With A New Metal Roof

If you are planning on having your asphalt shingles replaced, metal can be a great material that will last for many decades. Your new metal roof will also require some light maintenance to ensure that you get the most life out of it. You may want to do things like clean the roof and add a coat of sealant to protect it from the elements. Here are some of the maintenance tasks that your new metal roof is going to need:

1. Inspecting To Look For Signs Of Problems With The Condition Of Metal

If you want to prevent problems with the metal roofing on your home, one of the best things that you can do is inspect it regularly for signs of wear. You will want to look for worn or damaged spots on the roof, such as areas where metal is bent up. You may also want to look for signs of leaks, such as watermarks inside and outside of your home.

2. Replacing Gaskets And Sealants Where Penetrations Are Located

Many metal roofs are installed with screws that have rubber gaskets on them. This is one of the areas of your roof that will eventually need to be replaced. When inspecting your roof, look for signs of wear on gaskets, such as dry cracking. There may also be rubber seals around penetrations from mechanics like plumbing vents. Check these areas for problems as well.

3. Repairs And Patching Of Roof Damage That Occurs Over The Years

You roof may eventually have some problems due to damage and wear. If the metal gets bent from storm damage or debris, you may need to do small patches and repairs. If there are damaged areas that are causing leaks, you will want to patch them in. For severe damage, you may need to replace sections of your metal roofing.

4. Applying A Coat Of Sealant For Materials That Have A Painted Finish

There are many different types of finishes used for metal roofing. Some of these are special metal paints that are used to seal the metal and protect it from weathering. If your roof has a painted finish on it, you may need to apply a new coat of sealant when the roof becomes old and there are obvious signs of wear on the paint.

This is some of the maintenance that you will need to do when you have new metal roofing installed on your home. If you are ready to replace your asphalt shingles with metal, contact a metal roofing contractor and talk with them about the different options for your new roof or visit websites like http://www.rainydayexteriors.com.