Four Durable Options to Consider When it is Time to Replace Your Slate Roofing

Slate roofs can be a great material to have on your home, but they can also be fragile and may get damaged over the years. Slate roofs may eventually need to be replaced. Since slate tiles are costly, you may want to consider some alternative options for your roof replacement. Here are some durable slate alternatives you may want to consider for your roof:

1. Using New Synthetic Products for the Look of Slate

If you want to have the look of slate for your roof replacement, you may want to consider synthetic materials. These are often roofing tiles that are made of recycled rubber, which make them a green choice for your roof replacement. They also won't have problems with cracking or missing tiles, which is common with conventional slate roofs. This is a great option to replace old slate with more modern roofing materials.

2. Metal Roofing Tiles for the Look of Slate or Shakes

Metal is another good choice to replace your slate roof. There are many stamped metal shingles that can be used to give your home different looks. These materials are available in slate and shake designs, which can give your home a classic look. Metal will also last for many generations without needing to be replaced.

3. Stone Materials as an Affordable Alternative to Slate

If you want to replace your slate with something a little more authentic, there are also stone alternatives. These can be materials like limestone, which can be a great choice for replacing slate. These materials are just as durable as slate, but usually cost a lot less. Stone materials can be a good alternative to real slate tile.

4. Cement and Clay Tiles for a Durable Roofing Surface

Cement and clay tiles can be another great alternative to use to replace your slate roof. Many of these materials can be installed in a similar way that slate is. They benefit is that these materials are much more affordable, and, in many cases, a lot more durable than real slate tile. These materials also come in a variety of different styles and colors to choose from for your new roof.

These are some durable options that you may want to consider for the replacement of your slate tiles. If you slate roof is beyond repair, contact a roofing company and talk with them about using some of these affordable materials for your home.