Three Reasons Replacing Your Roof In The Winter Is Actually A Good Idea

It's a common misconception among homeowners that roofs can only be replaced during good weather. However, technologies like deck brooms, blowers and ice melting chemicals make it safe for workers to work during cold weather. Having your roof replaced during the winter is actually a very good idea for the following reasons:

There's less chance of damage to your landscaping.

Roofers do their best to ensure flying shingles and nails don't end up damaging your flower and bushes, but there's only so much they can do. In the winter, these plants are either nonexistent or in a dormant state, so there is less chance of them becoming damaged. Since the roofers don't have to be so careful working around your landscaping in the winter, they can tear the old roof off more quickly. Any pieces of shingle that do end up in your yard are easier to spot and clean up in the winter when everything is dead, too.

The roofers will be able to spot problem areas more easily.

One of the most common issues in roofing is poor ventilation. When your roof is not well-ventilated, it becomes warm, and the snow on top of it melts. In the summer, it is hard for roofers to know for sure whether the roof is properly and evenly ventilated. However, in the winter, it will be obvious which areas are not well-ventilated (the snow will melt), so your roofers are better able to address spots that need added vents. The winter is also a good time for roofers to assess whether there are any areas where water (ice) tends to pool so that these areas can be built up to prevent premature wear.

You'll have an easier time scheduling your roof replacement.

If you're hoping to work with a specific, reputable roofing company, you may have a hard time scheduling them during the warm months when everyone else needs a new roof, too. You might even end up working with a lower-end company because they're the only ones who have time! During the winter, however, you should have an easy time scheduling whichever roofing company you prefer, since most other homeowners don't realize they can have their roof replaced when it's snowy and cold.

If your roof needs replacement, there's no need to wait until spring. Schedule your winter roofing job today. Your landscaping will thank you, and there's a better chance that issues like poor ventilation will be adequately addressed. Contact a company like Freedom Roofing for assistance or more information.