Ridding Your Roof Of A Moss Invasion

A mossy roof should not be seen as a welcome occurrence, which creates a quaint, rustic look for your home. Instead, you should see moss for what it is—a parasitic pest, which will eventually undermine the integrity of your roof and cause problems for you down the road. The problem with moss is that it holds moisture against your roof, which promotes rot. To get the most life from your roof, you will want to rid your roof of moss as soon as you notice it. 

How to De-Moss a Roof

Moss favors cool, damp places. While moss can act like a sponge to suck up and hold moisture, the sun's assault will eventually dry moss out and kill it. If you have dead moss on your roof, you should be able to remove it with nothing more than a few strokes from your broom. On the other hand, if you have live moss on your roof, you will first need to spray it with an oxygen-based bleach to kill it. Once it dries out, you can then use your broom to completely clean your roof. 

Low-Hanging Limbs and Moss Habitat

If you have limbs that hang low over roof, they will provide shade, and through the process of evapotranspiration, they can provide moisture. Thus, if you have any low-hanging limbs, you may have a perpetual moss problem. Rather than deal with moss every time new growth forms, you should cut back tree limbs so that more of the sun's rays reach your roof and moss has less footing to launch a new invasion. 

Further Precautions

If you have a north-facing roof and/or you live in a damp area, you may need to do more than cut back tree limbs. To provide an extra layer of protection for your roof, you should install a zinc strip along the ridge of your roof. When rain hits this strip, the zinc will release metal salts which will act as a natural herbicide to prevent moss from growing in the first place. 

While moss is not good for any roof, it is a particular problem if you have cedar or asphalt shingles. In any case, dealing with moss is not difficult, so it is something that you should be able to handle on your own. Armed with nothing more than a spray bottle of bleach and a broom, you can rid your roof of moss, and with a hammer, a few nails, and a zinc strip you can prevent future growth. To learn more about roof inspections, click here.