Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Commercial Property With Foam Roofing

If you're looking for an smart investment to upgrade your commercial building, choosing to install a new foam roof may be the answer. Spray foam roofing, when expertly applied, can outlast traditional materials, like asphalt and concrete, and it will afford optimal protection and value for your commercial operation. It's a greener product that can be applied in hours, and as it forms a continuous layer of durable protection upon drying, you'll end up with seamlessly beautiful results. So if you hadn't heard of what foam roofing brings to the table, here's why you should consider updating an aging roof or including it in your next investment.

Seamless Protection

A popular material also used for insulation, spray polyurethane is a product that is applied with a sprayer in a continuous layer on the roof for a seamless, closed-cell finish that dries in seconds. Because it's applied in one continuous application and dries against the roofing surface at each point of contact, it's extremely strong and protective against puncturing and leaks. Even if the foam is pierced with a sharp object, only the point of contact is affected, where the rest of the roof is resistant against water penetration. And though it's a seamless membrane that forms a cushion over your roof, it's also strong enough to support foot traffic without becoming damaged.

Valuable Versatility

Upgrading your commercial roof is particularly valuable because it can be completely installed and functional in just hours, and it can provide your business with protection for as much as 20 years protection without maintenance. It's also self-flashing when sprayed around any existing pipelines and can be installed over an existing roof, saving you the time and cost of dismantling your roof and dumping the waste materials. And whether you have an extreme slope or flat roof, foam roof coatings will readily adhere and protect the surface for it's long lifespan.

Green Advantages

Foam roofing is a sustainable material that will save money on removing an old roof during installation, helping to keep unnecessary building materials out of landfills. So you can install a roof that's greener for both your wallet and the environment. Installing a new foam roof will also elevate R-values and increase your commercial energy efficiency, regardless of whether you have a foam roof installed alone or over existing material. Because it's exceptionally resilient against temperature fluctuations, having a foam roof is an invaluable investment that will improve your energy expenditures throughout all seasons.