Working Around Dormer Windows: How Roofing Contractors Construct And Repair This Feature

Dormer windows, those charming windows that thrust out of the second story of a home, often have roofing that runs perpendicular to the rest of the roof. When you hire a roofing contractor, you may have several concerns about how the dormer windows will be roofed. To get a better understanding of how your roofing contractor will manage the shingle construction on dormer windows, you need to understand how these thrust windows were originally constructed.

Dormer Window Construction

Dormer windows are actually an extension of your home's roof. The top beam of the dormer window is attached to an attic beam. The support beams underneath each window are an extension of the second floor or the attic floor and are secured to the flooring in that room or space. A frame and a smaller version of a house roof is built up from these supports. The actual window is inserted second to last, after the dormer construction is covered with matching siding and shingles and before the gutters are installed on the dormer roof.

Installing the Dormer Shingles 

Installing dormer shingles involves removing the existing shingles around the dormer's connection to the roof. If your roofing contractor is remodeling your roof or building it for the first time, the shingles on the rest of the roof are installed after the dormer shingles. This way, the dormer's shingles are inserted underneath the rest of the roof's shingles and cannot peel up or fly off during a bad storm. The entire area around the dormer roof is often sealed with roof pitch to prevent any leaks or damage from ice dams. This building technique is how the dormer shingles manage to stay in place, even when they run perpendicular to the rest of the roofing.

Replacing or Repairing the Dormer Shingles

Most contractors treat the repair or replacement of dormer shingles in the same way they would if they planned to redo the entire roof, only on a smaller scale. If your house is really small, the whole roof may have to come off to replace the dormer shingles. On a much larger house, just the shingles surrounding the dormer window roof have to be pulled off. Then the dormer shingles can be removed, repaired or replaced. Once the dormer roofs are fixed, then the roof surrounding them is examined and the shingles and roofing materials are replaced, enclosing the connection the dormer has with the rest of the roof.

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