Repairing A Storm-Damaged Roof

If you have sustained damage to your asphalt roof due to a large storm, you will want to work quickly in having it repaired in order to avoid further problems. As soon as you discover the compromised area, you should start the process in having your roof repaired. Here are some tips you can use to have your roof repaired correctly, while getting the best rate.

Call A Contractor

If the repair work is substantial, it is best left to a professional. Call a reputable roofing contractor and ask them if they would be able to give you an estimate amount that it will cost to make the repairs. The contracting company will do a thorough assessment of the damage your roof has gone through and they will be able to give you an idea about the amount of work that will need to be done, including the time, materials and expense it will cost.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Some contractors will work with your insurance agent directly, saving you the hassle of having to send paperwork back and forth on your own. The contractor will write up the estimate and let your homeowner insurance policy adjuster know what the pricing is and why they believe you should obtain the amount they are proposing. After your insurance adjuster lets you know how much they are willing to pay, you can have the contractor start the work in repairing your roof.

Get The Repairs Handled

The roofing company will be able to work on fixing any troubles you have with your gutters after the storm, including a clean out and repairs with cracking, bending or pulling away from the side of your home. They will test it to make sure the water drains properly through the downspout and they will handle any obstructions, if necessary.

They will get up on your rooftop and take off any peeling, cracked, or decayed shingles. The paper underneath will most likely be moist from the damaging storm, so this will also need to be removed and replaced.

They will check around all structures that are protruding from your rooftop such as chimneys, vents or skylights. These areas are susceptible to damaging leaks if the shingles are missing around them. The contractor such as Cazeault Roofing will check all flashing for rust and wear and will replace it in any area where it does not seem to be up to code.