Three Alternatives To Gutters When You Have A New Roof Installed On Your Home

If you are going to have a new roof installed on your home, for one reason or another, you may not want to have conventional gutters installed at the eaves. There are some alternatives to gutters that a roofer can do for you when you have the new roof installed. This can include drip-edge flashing, hidden roof drainage, and channel eave designs. If you do not like the look of traditional gutters and are looking for alternatives, here are four ideas that you can do to replace the gutters on your home:

1. Reversed Drip-Edge Flashing At Eaves

One simple solution for runoff without gutters is to use a drip-edge flashing. This flashing is used to divert water away from the eaves. It can be installed on your roof upside down, which will give you the effect of gutters. Drip-edge flashing is basically a piece of metal with a small edge bent on it to make water drip away from things like siding and woodwork.

This L-shaped piece of metal can then be painted the color of your roofing, and fastened to the roof with the small edge facing upward to act as a gutter. If you just want to divert water near entrance ways, this simple solution will divert water away from doors so you do not have a problem with water coming down on your head when it is raining.

2. Eave Drain Systems Attached At The Roof Edge

There are also eave drainage systems that work just like gutters, but these are attached to the roof, rather than on the fascia of eaves. This is basically a type of gutter that has roofing installed over it, so that it is not as noticeable as conventional gutters. This is ideal for homes with exposed rafter tails and woodwork, and that need to have some type of solution for water runoff. These systems can also be conventional gutters with a square design, which can allow them to be wrapped with trim and fascia to make them appear hidden. These systems work best on roofs with low pitches where they cannot be seen; for a roof with a steep pitch (slope), these systems may be more noticeable.

3. Channels Built Into The Eaves Of The Roof

Channels for drainage can also be built into the roof design of your home. This can be done by raising an edge of the eave to create a channel that will work like a gutter. If this is done with wood, it is important that there is adequate protection from leakage; using a dense rubber roofing membrane at the channels will help to ensure that they do not leak and cause water problems. This is something that you see on flat and contemporary roofs where the rooftop is not visible from the ground level.

These are some gutter alternatives that you can have done with your roof replacement. Many of these things can be done by the roofing contractor when you have your home reroofed. Contact Alaka'i Raingutters & Supplies and ask them about some of these solutions for the roof runoff of your home.