Prevent Roofing Repairs: Three Ways To Prevent Leaking Gutters

Gutters are meant to catch rain water coming off the roof and send it down and away from the foundation. When your gutters leak, the water finds its way into the soffits and then into your roof and attic. Left in disrepair, the water damage can spread into the walls of your home, rotting it from the inside out. There are some products that can help you prevent leaky gutters, and, in turn, prevent roofing and structural damage.

Spray-on Rubber Seal Coating

This product prevents leaks and decreases rust by coating your gutters with rubber. The product is easy enough to apply, and you will not have to hire a roofing repair contractor to apply it. If you buy it in the spray cans, buy several cans at once, as it runs out quickly. If you have the patience and the nerve to stand on a tall ladder for several hours, you can buy the rubber seal coating in a gallon or five gallon pail and paint it on inside all of your gutters.

Anti-Rust Sealant

Gutters fail because they are made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy, and they rust. Really old gutters, ones that have not been replaced since the last time you replaced your roof, will not last until the next roof replacement or repair. Using an anti-rust sealant helps your gutters remain rust- and leak-free until they are replaced. If you really want to be proactive, seal your gutters annually. The only time you do not have to worry about your gutters and an anti-rust sealant is when you have already sprayed them with a rubber seal coating.

Temporary Leak Spot Sealant

When it is too late to apply either of the above products because your gutters are already leaking, your remaining option is to stop the leaks temporarily with a spot sealant. Use this product on the areas where you can see water leaking through your gutters. Wait until the gutters are not channeling water through, because the product does require you to spray it on a dry surface on a dry, temperate day. If you follow the directions, the spot sealant will last through a few rainstorms.

Ultimately, You Have to Repair the Gutters

Even with all of these preventive and post-problem products, you will still have to get your gutters fixed or replaced. If your roof is not due to be replaced, then you only need to hire a contractor to replace the gutters. That is a small expense compared to replacing your entire roof, and one which benefits the well-being of your entire home in the long run.