3 Green Roofing Material Options

Owning your own home can be a source of great pride and accomplishment, but it also comes with many challenges. Chief among these challenges is knowing when your home is in need of important repairs and upgrades, as well as finding the most cost effective way to accomplish those tasks.

When your roof is in need of repair or replacement, it can be tempting to revert back to old, tried, and true methods. However, you should also be aware of the innovations that exist in green roofing technology. Below, you'll find a guide to your options in green roof materials, which allow you to reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously protecting your investment.


One of the largest environmental concerns with most homes is how much energy is consumed. The largest culprit in terms of waste is likely to be your heating and cooling system, as the loss of treated air can cause your system to work overtime and massively increase the amount of energy you use.

 A roof comprised of paving stones will hold in a much larger percentage of your treated air while also having a reflective effect. By deflecting sunlight away from your home, you'll be less susceptible to thermal effects that may cause inefficiencies in your system and discomfort in your home.

Modified Bitumen

A modified bitumen roof is the next step in tar technology. While a tar roof may not seem like the most environmentally conscious option, it requires less raw materials than other options and also has massive thermal benefits that will go a long way in making you more energy efficient.

Modified bitumen roofs are reinforced with plastic and other recycled materials that allow you to be comfortable with your raw material usage. The roof is layered with this reinforcing material and then capped with a cool sheet, guaranteeing that your roof remains stable and your temperature in your home remains consistent.


Perhaps the most innovative of all green roofing technologies, many homes are now reaping the benefits of planting green space directly on their roofs. Layers of plastic membranes are laid down that allow the plants to take firm hold without threatening your structure. The leafy green canopy of selected plants will keep sunlight comfortably away from your roof. For those people who live in urban areas without much access to nature, having your own natural garden planted directly on your roof is a great way to enjoy plant life while simultaneously protecting your home.

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