Don't Put off Roof Repairs

The Five Main Types Of Roof Vents

Roof vents are designed to ventilate your home in the summer, removing hot and humid air out of your attic while allowing cooler air to seep inside. There are several different types of roof vents, all of which operate in different manners to perform the same function. Understanding the differences between these five main types […]

Working Around Dormer Windows: How Roofing Contractors Construct And Repair This Feature

Dormer windows, those charming windows that thrust out of the second story of a home, often have roofing that runs perpendicular to the rest of the roof. When you hire a roofing contractor, you may have several concerns about how the dormer windows will be roofed. To get a better understanding of how your roofing […]

Why Algae Seem to Attack Some Roofs But Not Others

Even if you have a new roof, algae can darken and stain it to the extent that people will think it is unkempt and worn out. Algae seem to thrive on some roofs more than others, and there are reasons for this. If your roof is experiencing serious algae attack, then it might be for […]

3 Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs

Your roof does a lot to protect you and your family in your day-to-day life. It makes life as you know it possible, so why don’t you treat your roof right and keep it in good working order? A large number of problems can compromise the integrity of your rooftop; luckily the warning signs are […]

Four Durable Alternative To Vinyl Siding For Your Home Renovations

If you are remodeling your home, you may be adding on or renovating the exterior of your home. An affordable solution for your exterior finish is to add siding, which vinyl is a common choice because of its durability and affordability. It also has some disadvantages, such as limited styles and less strength. There are […]

A Metal Upgrade For Your Commercial Property

If the roof on your commercial building is fading and worn, and you are starting to see water marks on the attic roof line or on the ceilings in your space, it’s time for an upgrade. You can upgrade to a material that isn’t just going to look good, but that also is a financial […]

Three Serious Illnesses You Can Get From Roofing Repair Work And Bare Hands

As a roofer, you work with some very rough and sharp materials. There are dangers present from removing old roofing that you probably never heard of or though about. Doing your job bare-handed, i.e., without protective gloves, can lead to at least three known illnesses. If you do not take precautionary measures, you might have […]

Commercial Roofing Materials: Exploring Your Options

While a commercial roof will serve the same basic purpose as the roof that is installed on your home, there are some significant differences between residential and commercial roofing systems. For instance, while residential roofs will typically offer a steep slope that allows for ample attic or crawl space, commercial roofs will typically be flat. […]

Repairing A Storm-Damaged Roof

If you have sustained damage to your asphalt roof due to a large storm, you will want to work quickly in having it repaired in order to avoid further problems. As soon as you discover the compromised area, you should start the process in having your roof repaired. Here are some tips you can use […]

Slate Shingles Compared To Asphalt Shingles

Buying a premium roofing material is not all about looks. If it were, it would be sheer vanity to drop thousands of dollars on a roof when you could buy asphalt shingles and get the same results at a fraction of the cost. However, before you write off premium roofing materials, you need to know […]