Don't Put off Roof Repairs

How You Can Determine If Your Roof Needs Some Repairs

Roofs can last a long time under normal circumstances so it can be easy to forget its need for possible repairs until you are dealing with a major problem. In order to avoid major issues, you will want to make sure that you are well aware of the signs that may indicate that it is […]

Is A Metal Roof Right For Your Home?

If you are thinking about upgrading or renovating your roof, then there are a lot options out there to choose from. Some are cheap, some will last a long time, and some just look a lot better than the competition. To help you come to a more informed decision, here is one of the most […]

4 Maintenance Tasks That Will Need To Be Done With A New Metal Roof

If you are planning on having your asphalt shingles replaced, metal can be a great material that will last for many decades. Your new metal roof will also require some light maintenance to ensure that you get the most life out of it. You may want to do things like clean the roof and add […]

Quick Fixes For Three Common Roof Problems

While a roofing contractor is the best person to handle a roof problem, a little knowledge of DIY roofing doesn’t hurt either. The knowledge can come in handy when you want to deal with a problem fast or don’t have the cash to hire a roofer immediately. Here are examples of quick fixes you can […]

Questions To Ask Your Roofer About Your Leaky Roof

Do you own a home with a leaky roof? Are you getting tired of it raining indoors when it’s pouring outside? Having a leaky roof can be a frustrating experience. If not repaired promptly, roof leaks can get worse with every passing storm. But before hiring a roofer to take care of the problem, here […]

Four Durable Options to Consider When it is Time to Replace Your Slate Roofing

Slate roofs can be a great material to have on your home, but they can also be fragile and may get damaged over the years. Slate roofs may eventually need to be replaced. Since slate tiles are costly, you may want to consider some alternative options for your roof replacement. Here are some durable slate […]

Three Reasons Replacing Your Roof In The Winter Is Actually A Good Idea

It’s a common misconception among homeowners that roofs can only be replaced during good weather. However, technologies like deck brooms, blowers and ice melting chemicals make it safe for workers to work during cold weather. Having your roof replaced during the winter is actually a very good idea for the following reasons: There’s less chance […]

Energy-Efficient Roofing Doesn’t Have To Mean Compromising On Aesthetics

If someone asked you what the most energy-efficient roofing material was, what would you say? The fact is that most people don’t have a clear sense of what material will give them the most efficient roof. So instead, they choose their roofing material based on cost, maintenance, or aesthetics. But what might surprise you is […]

What Are Your Options For Residential Roof Repair?

The extent of roof repair or replacement needed will limit your options, but you still have choices no matter in what shape you find your roof. Some residential roofing can be performed by the homeowner, although extensive damage or replacement may require a roofing professional. Roof repair options if you have a minor leak, and […]

Ridding Your Roof Of A Moss Invasion

A mossy roof should not be seen as a welcome occurrence, which creates a quaint, rustic look for your home. Instead, you should see moss for what it is—a parasitic pest, which will eventually undermine the integrity of your roof and cause problems for you down the road. The problem with moss is that it […]